These horny boys snuck away from school for some alone time. They are so tired of being in groups of people and not having any time to just be with each other. They made their way back to Tonís place and it was quiet. The perfect place to enjoy each otherís company and enjoy those hard cocks that had been trying to escape all day. Watch as Novak grabs that cock and sucks it before Ton climbs on board Novakís hard meat and rides it like a cowboy in a bull riding contest. These boys had a fucking blast until their group found them again.

The first three-way that these guys were in turned out so damn well and they call came so hard, that they decided to do it again. This time they invited cute twink Marco over to play with them. Marco was really shy at first, he wasnít sure he really wanted more than one partner at a time. He did jump in like a pro when he saw all those rock hard cocks. The boys all take turns licking and sucking on each otherís hard cocks. Adrian is soon bouncing up and down on Bombastikís hard pole as Marco slides his cock deep into Adrianís hot ass.

The guys took a ride with their buddy John and he had a crazy idea. He dared them to pull down their pants and stroke those beef sticks as he drove around campus. Kostik and Stasyan werenít too sure about this; the guys all over campus could see them naked, jerking in the back of Johnís car. They finally got tired of being called chicken and John started the engines and off they went. They slowly began to play with each otherís boy meat. They were nervous, but it didnít stop them both from exploding a huge load against the driverís seat.

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All models were at least 18 y.o. at the time of the photography.
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