When Marik found Seva in the sex section of the library, he had a flash of insight and began a conversation with him. They both had the same thoughts about public sex, oral action, as they talked those dicks got hard and they knew they had to do something with them. Sevaís apartment was closer so they re-shelved the books and headed out. As soon as they got there they shed their clothes and just got busy. They sucked and fucked each other like they had known each other for years, it pays to pick your men up at the library they are smarter.

These two roommates go into the kitchen to make some lunch. They start getting out their favorite foods when one guy gooses the other guy in the ass. This leads to laughter, and of course some sexy exchanges until lunch is forgotten. The kitchen still gets hot as Ronny hops on the counter and shakes his dick at Ton daring him to suck that meaty monster. Ton takes the bait and he is deep throating that cock until he is gaggin. Ronny grabs Ton and pulls him into the bedroom where they hop on that mattress and fuck each other senseless.

These two naughty boys have their own language. When they want to meet up and fuck they text each other on their phones with code fmn. That means drop everything and meet at Klarkís house for a hard fuck. Today it was Duncan texting Klark for a fmn. When Klark arrived Duncan was already naked, hard and throbbing. Klark went to work and grabbed that hard meat. With all that sucking it didnít take him long before Duncan grabbed Klark upend him and shoved that cock deep into his tight buns and fuck him until his sexual itch was scratched.

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